Amtrak Train With 183 Passengers Stranded In Oakridge Amid Snowstorm

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Almost 200 people who were stuck on an Amtrak train for 36 hours are finally on the move after being trapped on a snowy stretch of track just south of Eugene, Oregon. And, with 183 passengers still on board, it has yet to get moving again. An Amtrak train carrying 183 people has been stranded in OR for more than a day and a half in wintry conditions.

Irvin confirmed that passengers have not been allowed off the train "due to unsafe weather conditions". A tree had fallen onto the train tracks and blocked the train from moving again. More than 30 hours later, there's still no movement.

The Coast Starlight train came to a halt about 6:20 p.m. on Sunday outside of Oakridge when crew members spotted trees on the tracks.

The National Weather Service had predicted Sunday that up to one metre of snow could fall in the area.

Rebekah Dodson boarded the train Sunday afternoon in the small OR city of Albany and had expected to be in Klamath Falls by 9:50 p.m. "We're down to our last meal".

The plan is to move the train back to Eugene and Portland, according to McMahan.

But she said they've all remained on the train, as there's no way of going anywhere else.

Some Los Angeles-bound college students have "panicked" because their professors won't accept their excuse for missing class, Dodson said.

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In emails and a statement Tuesday, Amtrak apologized for the "extended delay" and defended the decision to not let passengers off the train while stranded in Oakridge, a small town in the Cascade Range about 40 miles southeast of Eugene and 150 miles south of Portland.

In a tweet, Amtrak said: "Passengers on this Train are not being charged for food or water".

By Tuesday morning, at least 30cm had accumulated, the weather service said. "Please send help if possible", she said.

Rebekah Dodson, a passenger, told local television from the train: "We can't get off because there's four feet of snow in every direction". Oakridge averages 2.8cm in February.

"The train is stop-and-go right now due to unsafe weather conditions", she said in an email exchange Tuesday morning as the train made its way to Eugene.

Despite the hard circumstances, she noted that the crew had been "very professional" and were working tirelessly.

Passenger Carly Bigby told CNN affiliate KOIN 6 the snack cart on the train is empty and people have run out of diapers for their children.

"A lot of the [older] kids have been really good but they're having to run up and down and it's a lot", Bigby said.