Apex Legends First Special Event And Loot Teased For Valentine's Day

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Similar to Fortnite, it offers paid microtransactions for cosmetics items, such as extra characters, player banners etc.as well as Apex Packs, that contain an array of random items.

What was a boon for Apex Legends was crippling for Fortnite.

The new video game from industry giant Electronic Arts has been grabbing attention online as it takes on one of the world's most popular games, Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale. Season seven has brought a number of controversial changes to the game that have frustrated long-time players, and it seems like the time was right for a new battle royale game to take their interest.

Like Fortnite and Overwatch, the free game features loot boxes that players can purchase to acquire items of varying value in the game.

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Over 10 million gamers signed up for Apex Legends in the first three days of availability. Fortnite managed it just once, while Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has done so several times - the FPS's major esports competitions are numerous most-watched events on the entire platform.

In an interview with Eurogamer, lead producer Drew McCoy has addressed whether the free-to-play game will make its way to the Switch, stating that although there is "nothing [they] can now talk about", the studio would love to bring Apex Legends to the Nintendo Switch in the future. Take-Two was off more than 4.6 percent at $89.29.

It'll be interesting to see if Apex will be able to keep up this early momentum as we progress and see the game evolve in the weeks and months to come. There's nothing truly groundbreaking here, but it's the vast amount of little things that Apex does extremely well that makes it stand out from the rest. Many have hoped that the developers will add the ability for smaller teams and solo play too.

The year one roadmap for Apex Legends has revealed when the first four Battle Passes are out. If you are looking for the ultimate chart to give you a better idea of the gun mechanics in Apex Legends, look no further.