Apex Legends update tackles crashes

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The patch was released on Tuesday across all platforms with patch notes available on the "Apex Legends" Reddit page.

A replay system is also slated to be added to Apex Legends, highlighting moments of glory for those players who actually manage to get a few shots off before some maniac running aimbot hacks zeroes in on your head.

The next major gameplay update for Apex Legends is due to go live in March, meaning that it will be interesting to see whether these findings come into fruition.

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that a new gun is on the way to its popular battle royale title, Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is on the left, and Apex Construct is on the right. As there now isn't an in-game reporting tool in Apex Legends, the post all but notes that one will definitely be coming in the future. From the files, it seems that up to three teams of 20 people will be set loose on the map, and reviving players recruits them to that player's team.

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Fixed crash when pressing button early in load process.

Fixes for PS4 crash issues. Also, the developers have also requested users to report a player if they find any suspicious by collecting the proof, their ID and report it via https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/apexlegends/contact/report/ link.

Using Mirage's ability no longer causes game crashes.

Those wishing to have a wider range of heroes to choose from might be pleased with RealApexLeaks for finding at least two more playable characters; Octane with his Stim injection skill, and Wattson with his Tesla trap.

However, behind the success and hype that has ensued, Apex Legends has been hit with its fair share of challenges.