Facebook paid users to install a VPN that spies on them

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"In an earlier statement over Facebook's certificate removal, Apple did warn that 'any developer using their enterprise certificates to distribute apps to consumers will have their certificates revoked.' Apple is clearly sticking to its rules and applying them equally to Facebook, Google, and likely many other companies that get caught breaking Apple's rules in the future".

Apple has its own beta testing service called TestFlight which requires apps to be reviewed by the company and participation is limited to 10,000 people.

On Wednesday evening, privacy-conscious Apple (well, kind of) responded by revoking Facebook's ability to distribute internal iOS apps.

Facebook has yet to speak out, but a report at Business Insider claims the firm is working diligently to restore access to an internal version of Facebook's iOS app.

Google's programme had been in existence since 2012 but has now been pulled. "And if it truly wanted to punish Google like it did Facebook, it could invalidate the certifications for all of Google's legitimate apps that run using the same certificate". The app could give Facebook access to private messages, photos, videos, emails, web searches and browsing activity, the tech news site reported. Now it can be used by them only if they are "secondary panelists". Also, users could switch to a "guest mode" for those instances when they did not want their activity to be monitored.

The existing app, too, does not conform to Apple's developer policies since it uses certificates to get root access to iPhones. But like Facebook's app, Google's Screenwise Meter could be downloaded outside of the App Store, via a Google download link. According to a report from The Verge, Apple has shut down Google's internal iOS apps for doing the exact same thing Facebook was doing-distributing enterprise apps outside of the company.

"The Screenwise Meter iOS app should not have operated under Apple's developer enterprise program - this was a mistake, and we apologise", it said in a statement to TechCrunch. It is yet unclear if the same punishment will be issued to Google.

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It's a big deal to have your enterprise app certificate revoked, since it powers a company's internal-only iOS apps as well as beta apps that many employees are running.

"I have concerns that users were not appropriately informed about the extent of Facebook's data-gathering and the commercial purposes of this data collection", Sen.

Obviously, users are not deterred by all of these disclosures, but regulators and legislators are increasingly making noise about it.

That's had knock-on effects for Facebook, which also used the program legitimately to test apps with employees.

TechCrunch noted that Google rebranded Screenwise Meter as part of the Cross Media Panel and Google Opinion Rewards programs. Congress also needs to pass legislation that updates children's online privacy rules for the 21st century.

As of Wednesday, a disclosure form on Betabound, one of the services that distributed Facebook Research, informed prospective users that by installing Facebook Research, they are letting Facebook collect a range of data.