Five Children, One Adult Diagnosed With Measles In Central Texas

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NY has additionally seen an outbreak that began within the fall of 2018 and has continued into 2019. Four of the measles cases are in children under 2 years old and the fifth was a 25-35-year-old woman. "We know that two of the cases are linked". All three sufferers dwell in northwest Harris County.

Ninety-two percent of the cases were reported by 10 countries: Ukraine (53,218), Serbia (5,076), Israel (2,919), France (2,913), Italy (2,517), Russian Federation (2,256), Georgia (2,203), Greece (2,193), Albania (1,466), Romania (1,987).

The health department said they are taking all precautionary measures to prevent the disease from spreading with five measles cases reported in Harris, Montgomery and Galveston country earlier this week.

Experts attribute the spread of measles in part to lower vaccination rates in certain communities, making more people vulnerable to the disease and lowering the level of herd immunity that protects large groups from becoming infected.

The United States is now facing not one but three measles outbreaks, and once again the main culprit is people's refusal to get vaccinated. The mainstream of those infected are children, who have not been vaccinated against the disease, executives said. The second vaccine is given when the child is between 4 and 6 years of age.

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Jason Davis with Lane County Health and Human Services said there are no confirmed measles cases in Lane County and anyone who thinks they might have it should not leave their house. The measles vaccine is reported to be very effective; 97 percent of those who receive both vaccinations are immune.

A hallmark of measles is a rash that begins as flat, red spots on the face and spreads down the neck to the rest of the body.

So far in 2019, six confirmed cases of measles have been reported in Texas.

As of February 1, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had confirmed 79 individual cases of measles from 10 states, during 2019.