Hundreds call for help as floodwaters continue to rise in Townsville

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Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Premier of Queensland, said she had "never seen" floods so devastating.

Townsville residents fill sandbags in preparation for more flooding. "I can not confirm that any of them actually entered flood waters". "I'm asking for people to have patience", she said.

Already declared a disaster zone as of January 3 in what has been described as a "one-in-100-year" flood, monsoon rains hovering over the Australian state of Queensland have dropped another 400 millimeters (1.3 feet) over some areas in the region.

"But we are expecting further periods of heavy rainfall, some of it very heavy, about the north-east tropics for the next few days, between about Cardwell and Mackay, and with that there is the real elevated risk of flash flooding".

"We've just seen the wettest week on record in Townsville with more than 1000mm of rain falling - and it's not over yet".

"My thinking is the support for Townsville people".

The downpour pushed the nearby Ross River Dam to almost 250 percent of its capacity, forcing the floodgates open as people moved to higher ground.

"If the thought of coming face to face with a crocodile isn't deterrent enough, before you start playing in flood waters you should always remember the distinct possibility you could be wading in your neighbour's faeces", the statement said.

"We door-knocked for three days".

Townsville resident Chris Brookehouse told national broadcaster ABC his house was flooded with water that was more than 1m deep.

In a separate ABC report, the Button family in Townsville, in a video, spoke about how they chose to stay on to watch their home get flooded.

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"It was just bucketing down last night. and the wind gusts were huge".

"Some people thought for example they'd be able to sit on their two storey home and sit in their second storey and survive and that hasn't been the case", she said yesterday.

Mr Morrison was questioned on the record number of weather events Queensland has been lashed with recently and if he believed it related to climate change.

The prime minister encouraged any Queenslander affected by floods over the past week to contact Centrelink for immediate food assistance.

"We've got limited resources, we've got to work with the community, " Police Assistant Commissioner Gee said.

But the current conditions in the Townsville area are rare, with more than a metre (3.3ft) of rain in the past week - more than 20 times the average for the time of year.

At time of writing, 56 state schools in the area, along with 29 Catholic and independent schools, as well as 139 early childhood education facilities, remained closed.

BoM Meteorologist Adam Blazak said waterspouts or tornadoes develop in severe thunderstorms of the monsoonal trough.

'The modelling says what it is going to say - it could move up to the 10,000, 20,000 [homes].

Boats are launched from a road to help evacuate flood-affected people from Townsville on February 4, 2019.