India strongly objects to Pakistan’s ‘vulgar display’ of an injured IAF personnel

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India has demanded the release of a fighter pilot shot down by Pakistan warplanes in a major escalation between the two nuclear powers over Kashmir.

India has yet to respond to Pakistan's claims.

India's foreign ministry branded Pakistan's videos as a "vulgar display" of an injured airman, saying they violated global humanitarian law and the Geneva convention. One of the downed planes crashed in Pakistan's part of Kashmir while the other went down in an Indian-controlled section of the Himalayan region, Pakistan's army spokesman Maj.

He said, "Pakistan's armed forces have capability, will, resolve and nation's support".

Talking to Shah, Ministry of External Affairs also raised the issue of Pakistan apprehending a pilot of the Indian Air Force. Pakistan had said that Indian warplanes dropped bombs near the Pakistani town of Balakot but there were no casualties. He is a MiG 21 Bison Wing Commander.

The pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan, was taken into Pakistani custody.

Pakistan has recently released another video of the pilot where he states that he is being taken care of well by Pakistan's military.

He then appeared to answer a number of questions including his name and military position before refusing to share any details when asked about his mission: "I'm not supposed to tell you that".

What were the air strikes about?

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Gen. Asif Ghafoor, wrote on Twitter that two Indian fighter jets "crossed into Pakistani territory and were shot down" Wednesday in response to Pakistan's strikes.

Like his father, Abhinandan chose the Indian Air Force (IAF) and was commissioned into service in 2004.

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On the other hand, Pakistan claimed that it shot down two Indian jets and arrested two pilots. "We will not share his videos and are requesting you to please don't share videos and photos of the pilot", an Indian Military Updates said.

No explanation has been given as to why the numbers have changed.

Pakistan's foreign ministry on Wednesday said strikes were carried out against a "non-military target" to avoid loss of life and demonstrate Pakistan's right and ability to defend itself.

"It is easy to begin a war but where it goes. will be in nobody's control", he added. "India also expects his immediate and safe return", the MEA said in a statement.

With hostilities appearing to spiral out of control, the global community called for restraint, and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan offered dialogue.

"Our action was only meant to convey that if you can come into our country, we can do the same", he said, referring to Wednesday's airstrikes.