Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announces sudden resignation

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The Iranian parliament will debate on the resignation of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at Tuesday's session, a source told Sputnik.

Iran's top diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif, an ally of moderate President Hassan Rouhani, unexpectedly announced he was stepping down in a social media post on Monday.

I sincerely apologise for the inability to continue serving and for all the shortcomings during my service.

"Many thanks for the generosity of the dear and courageous people of Iran and its authorities over the past 67 months", the Us-educated architect of the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers said.

Zarif lived in the United States, from the age of 17 as a student of global relations in San Francisco and Denver, and subsequently as a diplomat at the United Nations in NY, where he was Iranian ambassador from 2002 to 2007. "I thank the Iranian nation and officials", the 59-year-old diplomat wrote on Instagram according to the translation provided by the Reuters news agency.

On Sunday, Zarif criticized Iranian hard-liners in a speech in Tehran, saying: "We can not hide behind imperialism's plot and blame them for our own incapability".

Zarif's resignation came after he warned the Trump administration that Iran's response to the wave of sanctions imposed on the country by the Trump administration would come as a "surprise" to the American president, Arutz Sheva noted. Khamenei guardedly backed the deal, under which Iran agreed to curb its nuclear work.

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Since the United States chose to pull out of the deal, Zarif has been a large critic of the Trump presidency.

Iranian foreign minister's aide told Sputnik on Monday that the ministry's personnel were unaware of Zarif's resignation or the possible reasons behind it.

"Zarif was a key player in the negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal with the US and other world powers".

Kerry and Zarif's rapport extended beyond just the nuclear negotiations.

He said that while it was still too early to determine what prompted Zarif's resignation, it didn't necessarily signal a major shift away from the nuclear deal.

He criticized The United States attempt to transfer nuclear technologies to Saudi Arabia, saying, "Day by day, it becomes clearer to the world what was always clear to us: neither human rights nor a nuclear program have been the real concern of the [United States]".