Soldiers unleash tear gas during trouble at Venezuela border, in pictures

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Venezuela's National Guard has fired tear gas on residents clearing a barricaded border bridge between Venezuela and Colombia to let humanitarian aid pass through.

There was no immediate information on the condition of the injured, though television news showed images of three men on gurneys being treated for bloody wounds.

"We're exhausted. There's no work, nothing", Andreina Montanez, 31, said as she sat on a curb recovering from the sting of tear gas used to disperse the crowd. He spoke on Saturday from the border town of Cucuta, Colombia, where the US aid has been stored.

The opposition and countries supporting the aid caravan have been urging the Venezuelan military to defy Maduro's orders block shipments of aid.

"If we can take people to space why is it so hard to take people out of poverty?" The leaders greeted the crowd before the concert ended.

The island's government stressed that the USA forward base will play no part in any aid operations.

Venezuela's opposition and activists prepared on Saturday to confront troops stationed along the country's borders to block their plan to bring in food and medicine that authorities are calling a veiled USA -backed invasion.

"If everybody agrees that one of the ways to get assistance into Venezuela is across border ... then of course from the UN's point of view that's fine". The risk seemed high, but worth it.

Three members of the Venezuelan national guard have left their posts ahead of an opposition-led effort to to bring aid into the country, Colombia's migration agency said.

"This concert happens once in a lifetime", she said.

"Politics aside, the idea is for this cargo to reach the people who need it". "At last they'll have something to enjoy".

"Today I have a message for every official who is keeping Maduro in place", Trump proclaimed.

Demonstrators torch a bus close to the Bolivian border.

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"This is the biggest battle that the armed forces can win", said Sheyla Salas, 48, who works in advertising. No performers were in sight.

Venezuelans in support of Maduro heeded his request, and began to congregate by the thousands in the country's capital of Caracas to show their support, as his opposition congregates at border crossings. "It's a propaganda war".

On Thursday, Rubio insinuated that the U.S. would be targeting the family of Ivan Hernandez, commander of Maduro's presidential guard: "You should think very carefully about the actions you take over the next few days in Venezuela".

Maduro staged a rival concert a few hundred meters away on the Venezuelan side of the bridge in Tachira.

Richard Branson said he hopes to raise $US100 million for humanitarian aid over the next 60 days via internet donations.

US officials say the agreement will allow the diplomats to remain in Venezuela for another 30 days.

Venezuelan opposition supporters rallied in Curacao's port Saturday, pushing for their own shipment to join in a risky aid effort for their country, but the vessel's captain declined to sail yet for security reasons. The word was painted in white letters on one of the containers on the bridge.

The sharp rhetoric from both sides has put many in this border city of 700,000 on edge.

Numerous demonstrators said they were peaceful civilians who simply wanted aid because of widespread food and medicine shortages in the once-prosperous country suffering an unprecedented economic meltdown.

"I stood up to them to back the humanitarian aid", Fernandez told Reuters.

Venezuela's opposition supporters demand to cross the borderline between Colombia and Venezuela at Simon Bolivar bridge as Venezuela's security forces stand in the borderline blocking their way in the outskirts of Cucuta, Colombia, on February 23, 2019.

Still, when she thinks about her children and a sister with diabetes that has gone untreated for the past year, she leans toward participating. "But for our children".