Trump makes a stunning statement about the declaration of a national emergency

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The compromise package funds until September 30 the 25 percent of the government whose operations would lapse if the bill is not signed by Trump by the midnight Friday deadline.

He will sign a border security bill to avert a government shutdown - but also act to bypass Congress and use military funds for the wall, a statement said.

Republicans touted that the bill provides 55 miles of barrier in the Border Patrol's highest priority areas, a $US942 million increase to Customs and Border Protection for 800 new officers, and $US615 million for new equipment at ports of entry.

For his first two years in office, Trump enjoyed Republican control of Congress and was still unable to get what he wanted on border security, his signature campaign issue.

Mr Trump's assent would end a raucous legislative saga that commenced before Christmas and saw him force a record 35-day partial federal shutdown.

"He will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time and I've indicated to him that I'm going to support a national emergency declaration", McConnell said.

The House passed the border security bill Thursday, with a majority of Democrats voting in favor of it and most Republicans voting against it.

"It's not an emergency, what's happening at the border", she said.

The top Democrat in Congress immediately denounced the president's move.

She continued: 'The President is once again delivering on his promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country'.

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She has not said if House Democrats would legally challenge the president.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) speaks at the Capitol as President Trump listens on January 9.

She further chided the president by reminding him that a year ago he pledged to never sign a spending bill like this again.

Look, our system of government was built on the president, if he wants appropriated funds, you go to the Congress, and you ask for those appropriated funds.

"But on closer inspection, the potentially relevant statutes delegate substantial authority to the president, and it is possible to imagine arguments that members of Congress, or the courts, could find convincing if they are predisposed to defer to the president on questions of what constitutes a national emergency at the border".

Earlier this year some Republicans argued that declaring an emergency for funding would only set a risky precedent for the president.

McAdams said he opposes a national emergency declaration, saying it should be reserved only for extreme or exigent circumstances. "I wish you would", Pelosi said on Thursday, adding that "a Democratic president can do that".

Earlier in the wall fight with Congress, some of Trump's fellow Republicans had warned him that declaring a national emergency could set a unsafe precedent, opening the door for a future Democratic president to circumvent Congress and declare emergencies on perhaps climate change or healthcare insurance.

How could Trump divert money to the wall?

An emergency declaration could infringe on Congress' authority to make major decisions about taxpayer funds, a fundamental check and balance spelled out in the Constitution. He also has a bill that would prevent Trump from raiding disaster relief funds.