Apple confirms March 25th event, says "It’s show time"

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After almost two years of programming deals and executive hires, Apple is now seemingly less than two weeks from unveiling its video streaming service. CBS, Showtime, Starz and Viacom but HBO has still not reached an agreement with Apple, which is reportedly asking for a 30% cut on all subscribers who sign up for third-party services. We may also get a sense of Apple's rumored Apple News-related subscription offering around things like newspapers and magazines, assuming the company has been able to smooth over disagreements with publishers that have apparently threatened to delay that announcement. The company uses the typically glossy, carefully stage-managed product introductions to help investors, consumers, media, and fans understand why it thinks the latest thing-whether iPhones, Apple Watches, or AirPods-is better than whatever came before it.

The company previously used "It's show time" tag for an event in September 2006 where it introduced movies on iTunes, along with the first iTV revelation (which would be swapped with Apple TV in 2007).

Apple has been looking to double its annual services revenue from the $25 billion it posted in fiscal 2016 to $50 billion by fiscal 2020. The company was rumoured to be holding an event on March 25 before, and it's now sending out official invites to the press this evening.

Daylight saving time begins this weekend. Prepare to ‘spring forward.’
States can adopt year-round standard time , but the federal Uniform Time Act does not now allow for year-round daylight time . The practice fizzled out after the war until it was implemented again in World War II to save fuel and resources.

You can be part of the event from any part of the World by hooking up here at about 10 am.

This 2018 iPad is powered by Apple's A10 Fusion chip and includes Touch ID and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Last year, The New York Times reported that Apple's original series could begin debuting as soon as March 2019.