Ethiopian Airlines CEO promises to find out why flight 302 crashed

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Tewolde GebreMariam, the Airline's Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), dropped the hint in a statement obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

The modifications, officials said, create a gentler stall-prevention feature, redesigned so it won't overpower other cockpit commands or misfire based on faulty readings from a single sensor.

Following the Ethiopian Airlines crash earlier this month that killed 157 people, Boeing's highest-selling plane was grounded across the world.

The incident has led to the grounding of the B737-Max-800 aircraft globally over safety concerns, pending the outcome of investigations into the tragic incident.

"The company is further preparing to wetlease aircraft to fill the remaining capacity gap", it added, referring to the industry practice of renting fully-staffed aircraft for a period of time. Questions lingered, however, whether the required training was sufficient and whether airlines like Ethiopian had access to simulators to give pilots thorough experience handling the software.

Von Rumohr estimated that Boeing's compensation to the families of Ethiopian Airlines victims could be $150 million - around $1 million for each of the people who died - and less after insurance.

Ethiopian Airlines is Africa's largest carrier and has had a long association with American aviation.

"Yet, this tragedy won't define us".

Some pilots have said they didn't know the aircraft would do that until after the Lion Air crash.

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The Magen David Adom rescue service said it treated seven people overall, including two women who were moderately wounded. Israel has also closed the Erez and Kerem Shalom border crossings and placed additional restrictions on fishing.

The CEO noted that the pilot and crew of the aircraft were properly trained to fly B-737-Max, adding that the truth would be revealed after the investigation was concluded.

American alone is canceling dozens of flights a day as a result of the grounding of the MAX aircraft.

"Let me be clear: Ethiopian Airlines believes in Boeing".

Many of them felt such a move would not be good for the cash-strapped Kenyan flag carrier which has been flying on massive losses and debts for the past seven years.

The carrier has 40 planes, being a mixture of Boeing jets and the Brazilian-made Embraer 190.

Separately, Boeing's European rival Airbus announced a deal to sell 300 planes to Chinese airlines, which are also major operators of the Max.

"We were the second nation in the world (after Japan) to take delivery of the 787 Dreamliner".

Singapore Airlines said on Monday its offshoot SilkAir, which operates the 737 MAX, had received the invitation to the Wednesday event and would send representatives. While the ultimate cause of the Ethiopian Airlines crash is still unknown, both planes met their disastrous fates minutes after takeoff.

Boeing likely facing heavy costs to update the flight-control software on the Max and compensate airlines that have lost use of now-parked Max jets.