Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Service: supporting devices and launch date

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When Google unveiled its Stadia cloud gaming platform at GDC 2019 earlier this week, it managed to generate both excitement and apprehension from gamers, in roughly equal doses.

At the heart of Stadia is a cloud-based gaming system created to eliminate the need for a game console.

USGamer has reported that the retail giant has been working with several game developers and publishers for several months to bring to fruition its plans to launch a game streaming service. Similarly Chrome Cast Ultra can be used to connect with your television with its assistance. While the existing USB controllers will work perfectly on laptops and PCs, Google is planning to launch a new controller for Stadia that will power the game service.

Moreover, Google's gaming platform will be heavily reliant on similar data centers, the same kind that other tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft manage and use for their own platforms. Feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

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Reportedly, the company is now exploring creating its very own game streaming platform. Microsoft is gearing up to roll-out trials of its new Project xCloud service which will no doubt integrate or be some part of the already excellent Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

The approach could limit Google's revenue from Stadia.

Do you think Google's new platform will have any major effects on Nintendo? It has plans to go up to 8K streaming at 120+ fps in the future.

This week Google announced Google Stadia. While Amazon's Twitch is the most popular site for live-streaming games, these streams are frequently edited into short "highlights" videos that are posted onto YouTube, and these videos appeal to a larger, more general audience. In 2018, over 50 billion hours of gaming content was viewed on YouTube, hence, Google designed Stadia so users can highlight, capture, and share moments straight to YouTube.