HIGHLIGHTS: Justin Trudeau responds to SNC-Lavalin testimonies

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Moe expressed worry that MacNaughton's attention may be diverted from the fight against steel and aluminum tariffs U.S. President Donald Trump imposed a year ago.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to a crowd at Western University's Alumni Hall, January 13, 2017.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers remarks at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on Thursday, March 7, 2019.

The Prime Minister's "good boy" image as the "perfect" liberal foil to Trump seems to be irreparably ruined regardless of the ultimate outcome of this scandal in spite of him conceding that there are "more questions to be answered" since it's now been revealed by his own Attorney General's testimony that questionable behavior was taking place at the highest levels of his administration.

Nope. That doesn't constitute "pressure", Trudeau and his crew insist; that's a vigorous "debate", where, alas, at some ill-defined point, there was an "erosion of trust" between the former justice minister and all those political apparatchiks who were frequently trying - ever so benignly, apparently - to get her to make up her mind since she, alone, was the "decider".

Details of the SNC-Lavalin scandal continue to emerge, but the firm is facing fraud and corruption charges between 2001 and 2011 in connection to $48 million in payments made to Libyan government officials.

"It's a pseudo-scandal. It's crap. However, I now understand that she saw it differently". "These people are delusional". The company is a major employer in Quebec, Trudeau's home province.

If the worst happened, most of those employed, especially frontline workers, would be picked up by the construction firms that would take over the infrastructure projects that must still be built.

He also referenced the 9,000 Canadians the company employs, and the potential job losses criminal charges might have caused. The new AG has not ruled out approving a settlement.

Trudeau says he should have been aware of an "erosion of trust" between his office and the former minister of justice.

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The opposition Conservative leader has called on Trudeau to resign.

Trudeau brought rock star energy to the job, and his brand of progressive politics - he made bold statements on climate action, legalized cannabis and helped refugees make a new life in Canada.

The differences among Canadian media outlets, for example, are "relatively narrow compared to the chasms between Fox and MSNBC or CNN".

Trudeau said he didn't raise these issues with Wilson-Raybould in a politically partisan way, but as any MP would, concerned about jobs in his riding.

"The Prime Minister was on and mentioned there were some lessons that had been learned, and moving forward we're still going to be about jobs and protecting jobs, and we also need to take a look at it and address any other issues that are out there". Trump said sympathetic things about Russian Federation during the campaign and was elected despite that and other controversies, giving him "the sense that he can do anything and his base will still follow him".

Imagine the breadth and strength of Wilson-Raybould's will and conviction to defy such an overt entreaty from the prime minister of Canada. I think that's the way we should operate and it is in effect what I thought she was open to doing during this period.

"When you add women, please do not expect the status quo".

Gerald Butts disputed former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony in which she recounted sustained pressure to issue a deferred prosecution agreement for the Quebec company.

Other Liberal lawmakers have expressed confidence in Trudeau. But he had better be as good as his word when it comes to creating a more responsive environment for his caucus, or he may not even make it to an October election in which the odds of another Liberal majority are growing ever longer.