Missing Carrico sisters survived 44 hours in woods by using LEAVES

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Leia Carrico, 8, left, and her sister Caroline Carrico, 5, survived two days in rugged bushland thanks to survival training from their local youth community group.

The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office said they were notified of their disappearance around 6pm after the mother and neighbors tried to search for the girls themselves.

The Humboldt County Sheriff's office is searching for two girls, age 8 and 5, who they believed walked away from their home.

Leia Carrico, 8, and Caroline Carrico, 5, vanished outside Benbow, north-west of Sacramento in the U.S. on Friday at 2.30pm.

Two young Northern California girls missing two nights in the woods were found Sunday morning, ABC News reported.

"It is so wonderful to have such good news, to know they are safe", sheriff Honsal said. She is standing while a firefighter kneels down and talks to her.

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HCSO reports they are looking at all contingencies in this situation, to locate Caroline and Leia in a timely manner. "We could not have had a better outcome than we've had this morning", Honsal said.

"A lot of us didn't get any sleep the last 48 hours or so", Sheriff Honsal said.

California rescuers tracked their location after following a trail of granola bars and prints from one of their pink rubber boots and found them approximately a mile from their home. "These girls definitely have a survival story to tell". The firefighters were part of a massive search of a vast and rugged rural area that included a dozen agencies, including the National Guard, helicopters and tracking dogs.

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal said at a news conference on Saturday, the girls had asked their mother to go for a walk in the afternoon and the mother did not give them permission. Leia and Caroline were found cold and dehydrated but in good spirits.

"So the wrappers showed us a direction from where they started to where the wrappers ended at". Honsal said the mother was taking care of household tasks when at around 3 p.m. she realized that her daughters were missing.