Schmear Campaign: New Yorkers Roast Bread-Sliced Bagel

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Krautmann's tweet quickly went viral, with people weighing in on both sides.

When you conjure up an image in your head of slicing a bagel, you envision yourself grabbing the bread knife and cutting horizontally so that you end up with two discs.

May the legacy of the cursed St. Louis style cuisine live on forever.

Rubin also points out that unlike, say, New York, St. Louis doesn't have a plethora of bagel options.

The city's 311 information Twitter account even chimed in on the debate Wednesday.

New York City's 311 service tweeted out "real New Yorkers know there is only one way to slice a bagel".

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A St. Louis weatherman, now based in Washington DC, set off an internet firestorm in recent days when he posted a picture of the bagels he brought into work - sliced like loaves of bread.

And some also started destroying other foods and calling them "St Louis style".

Another St. Louis delicacy: Banana sandwiches.

"Nothing reminds me more of the summer than a st louis style hot dog", Trey Smith, a social media editor at Vice, tweeted.

We'll keep our horizontal bagels thank you.