Tesla Says New Supercharger Cuts Charging Time By 50%

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Thanks to the V3 Supercharger and other technical improvements, Tesla expects "the typical charging time at a V3 Supercharger will drop to around 15 minutes".

Tesla is beginning to launch the first set of V3 Superchargers - these likely won't be upgrades to existing superchargers, but the new locations will boost charging speeds from a previous maximum of about 120kW to a whopping 250kW. This means owners won't have to experience a slower charge time when sharing with a neighbor.

Once update, if the Tesla auto owner is on its way to the nearest Supercharger stations, the vehicle will intelligently heat the battery.

Tesla is also flexing its software muscles with the new V3 Supercharger standard with a creative feature called "On Route Battery Warmup".

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This system helps Tesla achieve 50 percent faster charging times with V3 chargers and 25 percent faster times for charging a vehicle on an older V2 Supercharger on average.

Tesla will be initially launching V3 Supercharging for its highest-volume vehicle, Model 3, and will expand access as it assesses the results of millions of charging events. Because this is just a software hack, the fix can be rolled out to the Model S and X as well. "V3 Supercharging will roll out to the wider fleet in an over the air firmware update to all owners in Q2 as more V3 Superchargers come online". It has plans to bump up the charge rates at more than 12,000 V2 Superchargers from 125kW to 145kW in coming weeks.

Tesla shared news of the next-generation V3 Superchargers in a rare official blog post and the über quick video below.

Europe and the Asia-Pacific will then follow in Q4; Tesla Australia has been contacted for a more definite timeline but at this time have not yet been able to comment. Said another way, the 15 minutes I spent at a Tesla urban Supercharger operating at 72 kW this afternoon would have given me a almost complete charge instead of the 72 miles of range that it added to my battery.