World's most polluted capital cities revealed as Delhi is ranked worst

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India accounts for seven of the world's 10 cities with the worst air pollution, as per a study conducted by the environment NGO Greenpeace.

The most polluted Romanian city is Iasi, according to this report, a university city located in Eastern Romania.

The fine particulate matters (PM2.5) considered in this study is notorious for its ability to penetrate deep into lungs and bloodstream causing serious long-term health complications leading to premature death.

The report, Global Air Pollution 2018, was officially released on 5 March. The city ranking shows Asian locations dominating the highest 100 average PM2.5 levels during 2018, with cities in India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh occupying the top 50 cities.

Lucknow. Image source
Lucknow. Image source

A study by Greenpeace and Swiss-based IQ AirVisual found the average amount of fine particulate matter, known as PM2.5, in New Delhi was 113.5 a year ago, more than double the level in Beijing.

Gurugram, in northern India, was found to have the worst air of any city in the world, with Faisalabad in Pakistan in third and Hotan, China, in eighth. Beijing ranks now as the 122nd most polluted city in the world, according to the AirVisual dataset, with PM 2.5 levels falling more than 40% since 2013.

Moreover, in the wake of another report given out by Greenpeace on pollution, even if the country reduces PM10 levels that it targets to accomplish by 2024, India will still have 139 cities with hazardous pollution levels. The reports highlight that 64% of these cities already exceed the current standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). While, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Bahrain and Kuwait topped the chart, countries like Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Australia and Sweden were among the least polluted as per the 2018's World Air Quality Report. "We still don't know the magnitude of air pollution problem in terms of PM2.5 monitoring", he said. Executive director of Greenpeace South East Asia, Yeb Sano said, "Local governments can help tackle the effects of air pollution by providing adequate monitoring and reporting infrastructure".

'In addition to human lives lost, there's an estimated global cost of $225billion in lost labour, and trillions in medical costs'.

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