You can now use Steam Link nearly anywhere

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The app is now in "early beta", with availability on Android and the Raspberry Pi- those who did buy Steam Link hardware will also get access to this functionality.

Click below to grab the Steam Link app for your Android device. They might be throttling production of the handy Steam Link device, but the software lives on - and you can use that to stream games "from any computer running Steam". The drawback, however, was that the Link only worked on your home network.

According to Valve, the update allows you to "stream games to your Steam Link from any computer running Steam, as long as your computer has good upload speed and your Steam Link device has a good network connection".

You can check out more details about Steam Link Anywhere here.

Valve extend Steam Link out of the home and networking API to all developers

For those making games, Valve have opened up the Steam Networking Sockets APIs to all developers. After that, follow the simple instructions laid out here to get started.

At this stage Steam Link Anywhere is in early beta and support for it was added in the latest Steam Link beta build - build 688 to be exact.

Game streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Their "Steam Link" streaming boxes can hook up to various displays (such as your living room TV) to grant you access to your entire Steam library from the comfort of your couch.

So, even though the Steam Link is gone, it seems Valve wasn't planning on letting Steam Link's functionality disappear too. Regardless, this is an exciting development from Valve that represents just how powerful gaming will be on the 5G networks of the future, with fast speeds and low latencies.

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