$1980 Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

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Samsung has postponed the Galaxy Fold launch, saying that it's thoroughly examining all the reported problems. Who could have seen this coming...

Samsung said it chose to put off this week's planned release of the Fold after some reviews "showed us how the device needs further improvements".

We've already seen the Samsung Galaxy Fold disassembly showing the foldable and hinge mechanism. "To fully evaluate this feedback and run further internal tests, we have made a decision to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold". That's right, we said "issues", as in plural.

Of course, we're not talking just any eBay seller, but one with a 99.8 percent positive feedback rating based on the evaluations of over 25,000 buyers who've offered their feedback in the last 12 months alone.

The biggest problem appears to be the fact that the phone's foldable OLED screen has a thin plastic layer on top with exposed edges, so it looks like a screen protector you would find pre-applied on many Android phones.

"We will take measures to strengthen the display protection", Samsung said. You'd still be better off not preordering the phone for the time being.

An April 17 review of the Galaxy Fold declared, "My Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after just a day".

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The company, in a press release, says it has pushed the launch back of the Galaxy Fold from the original target of April 26. Our guess is the figure is well into the hundreds of thousands. Now, we know that all those phones are junk, but we still don't know exactly why.

On the bright side, we've seen the Gear S3 Frontier substantially discounted many times in the recent past, with a brand-new deal on "open box" units allowing you to save a whopping 140 bucks right now while maintaining standard warranty conditions.

The Galaxy Fold, the first phone with a foldable screen in the US, created significant buzz when it was introduced. If true, Samsung is putting the cart ahead of the horse and we have little to no confidence that the company is truly doing everything in its power to fix the phone's problems ahead of release. What's not so good, however, is the fact that there is already a revised ship date in that email: June 13th. AT&T did not disclose the number of pre-orders.

Samsung was initially planning to begin South Korean and European sales of the unit in May and Chinese sales from an undisclosed date. At least, Samsung is able to correct its mistakes earlier before the product reaches more consumers. The company already has a terrible track record with first-generation products, as we've said time and time again. In fact, rumor has it that Samsung rushed out the Galaxy Fold before it was ready in an effort to prove that it can innovate and release exciting new products without copying Apple.

I had laughed at the comically oversized 18-inch Galaxy View, but there were some who genuinely enjoyed this size, calling it the flawless kitchen device.

AT&T, one of Samsung's USA launch partners for the Galaxy Fold, said the carrier was working to communicate with customers who pre-ordered the device as soon as possible.