Elon Musk releases his very first single entitled 'RIP Harambe'

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Musk seems to be in on the joke, posting a link to Rolling Stone's coverage on his Twitter account with the words: "Making The Onion articles real...", referring to the popular USA satirical news website.

Shares of Tesla plunged during Thursday trading after the company disclosed that first-quarter deliveries of its vehicles fell 31 percent from the previous three-month period, warning that its first-quarter income would be negatively impacted. That's more than triple the number that were still making their way to customers at the end of 2018, though it's not unprecedented - more Tesla vehicles were in transit at September's close.

Grimes' passion for music seems to be rubbing off on boyfriend Elon Musk.

The SEC says Musk blatantly violated the settlement in February when he tweeted about Tesla's vehicle production without a lawyer's approval. That was bullshit, he had not secured funding, and it turns out you can't just tweet bullshit when you run a public company. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan is scheduled to hear further arguments about the case during a hearing scheduled Thursday in NY.

If not, she said she'll decide whether to grant regulators' request that the outspoken executive face escalating fines if he breaks rules protecting investors.

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We're not so harsh as to include the 10 own-goal scorers, however, so that takes the total down to a mere 390. I had no clue how the ball went in.

"Tesla still appears unwilling to exercise any meaningful control over its CEO", SEC lawyer Cheryl Crumpton told the judge Thursday.

Noting that Musk had called his $20 million fine "worth it", she said higher fines for future violations might be needed to ensure that further backsliding would be "not worth it".

Tesla now expects quarterly profits to be "negatively impacted".

That is also inaccurate and Musk proceeded to correct that the company would deliver 400,00 models but that annualised production would be around 500,000.

"Being a Tesla shareholder in recent years has been one of those sensations that usually has one reaching for the travel sickness tablets". Past year in July he accused the British diver in Thai cave rescue operation by calling him a pedo'.