EU Gives UK More Time For Brexit Plan

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She then risked further inflaming relations with her own side, insisting it's vital to work with socialist Jeremy Corbyn's main opposition Labour Party on a joint Brexit plan, even if this is "uncomfortable".

Enough is enough. This week and last, the Prime Minister has been faced with two clear choices: save Brexit by taking Britain out of the European Union on WTO terms, or continue to try and save her thrice-defeated, and bad, Deal by collaborating with the Leader of the Opposition and requesting another humiliating extension to Article 50 from the EU27.

The Wednesday evening European Union summit ran into the wee hours of Thursday after staunch opposition from French President Emmanuel Macron to a longer postponement of Brexit swung the balance in favor of the October 31 compromise. "During the course of the extension, the European Council is clear that the United Kingdom will continue to hold full membership rights as well as its obligations", May stated.

Mark Francois, the deputy leader of the pro-Brexit European Research Group of MPs, said the Prime Minister was guilty of "sheer obstinacy", and Tory grandee Sir Bill Cash claimed the agreement "undermines our democracy".

Macron defended his resistance to giving Britain nine months or a year more, saying it was for the "common good".

Few think that's going to be likely after Prime Minister Theresa May saw the deal she agreed with the European Union voted down by lawmakers on three occasions this year.

"I think we have reached a position where we are aware we are a million miles away from the promises made during the referendum campaign, and in those circumstances what the British public should be given is a final say".

"I would expect this is the last delay", Rutte said after the European Union summit wrapped up.

"I'm very disgruntled with it all", Suzy Hornsby, 59, said.

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US President Donald Trump on Wednesday lamented the EU was being "so tough" with Britain after European leaders agreed to delay Brexit by six months.

"When we come to a deal, we will have to ensure that the legislation goes through this House".

Corbyn had harsh words for the Conservatives jockeying to succeed her who prefer a no-deal Brexit than a softer break, accusing them of setting up the country for a "dystopian future".

The so-called "flextension" until October 31 given to Britain on Thursday to approve a Brexit withdrawal agreement will require the country to hold elections for the European Parliament on May 23 - provided the withdrawal agreement hasn't been passed by lawmakers.

While a substantial section of the euro-sceptics want May gone, they are hamstrung by the fact that she won a vote of no-confidence last December.

Mrs May told the House of Commons - in an oft-repeated mantra - that passing an EU withdrawal agreement quickly would allow Britain to avoid taking part in European parliamentary elections set for late May, an unpalatable prospect to many Conservatives.

"The prime minister stuck rigidly to a flawed plan and now the clock has run down, leaving Britain in limbo", Mr Corbyn said.

So here's the second irony, also still escaping us. A week is a long time in politics and we have now given 29 weeks.

"The EU retained its unity on Brexit - albeit only just", it said.