Gmail Finally Gets Scheduled Emails: Here's How It Works

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Now you can schedule delivery of an email Gmail will now allow you to write a message beforehand and schedule a date and time to send an email to the recipient. So you can write your emails whenever you want to, and instead of having to save them in drafts, you can just schedule them to be sent later.

Gmail will also let you take action such as responding to comment threads in Google Docs without leaving your inbox. In addition to that, Smart Compose will now work in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese alongside English. However, Google has chose to expand the service to more devices. iOS users will have to wait as the feature is being now rolled out only to Android devices.

"It will personalize suggestions for you, so if you prefer saying "Ahoy", or "Ello, mate" in your greetings, Smart Compose will suggest just that".

Google LLC is celebrating Gmail's 15th anniversary today with a number of new features aimed at boosting the productivity of its users.

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Google's Inbox dies today, so you really do need to find a replacement if you haven't already. Or will you stick to your existing mail app? Emails can be scheduled, and the app can handle any email account you throw at it.

In a blog post on Monday (Apr. 1), Google's Director of Product Management at G Suite Jacob Bank outlined a variety of new features coming to Gmail. "This makes it easier to stay focused on the task at hand since you won't have to open a new tab or leave your inbox", said Google. You can separate email into a Smart inbox that breaks out received emails by Personal, Pins, Newsletter, and then everything else, or go with a traditional list. "We're also making it possible for info within an email to be kept up-to-date, so the content is always accurate no matter when you look at it". Smart Compose is now smarterGmail's Smart Compose feature has now got smarter.

One of the more popular third-party email apps around, Blue Mail offers a slick design and plenty of features. Thankfully, the subscription-based service is back, and you're getting plenty of bang for your buck.