Google Chrome 74 Now Available with a Dark Mode for Windows 10

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As you can see from the above photo, nearly every element of Chrome including tabs, the URL bar, drop-down menu, and New Tab page change to a dark interface. The same dark mode arrived last month on macOS with Chrome 73, and today's update includes automatic Windows 10 support.

How to Enable the Dark Mode in Google Chrome 74 on Windows 10? Google would not be Google if it would not restrict Dark Mode to a small number of users initially.

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The most anticipated of those features, a Chrome UI dark mode that's easier on the eyes and said to resemble Incognito mode, doesn't appear to be turned on by default just yet. To fix this issue, some popular apps are starting to roll out with Dark Mode support to tone things down a bit. Now, if this new dark mode had made you curious and you want to use it, we can help you with a shortcut. From there they can change their personalized settings to be in dark mode. You also don't have to switch to the dark theme in Windows 10 settings.

Dark Mode is one of the most requested for feature on nearly every platform you may come across. Along those same lines, "sandboxed iframes" won't be able to initiate downloads without explicit permission in the form of a click from the user. It should be noted that this is a common method used to distribute malware through ad slots. Android Go, which is Google's program for low-end devices, also uses the latest Android Pie version now. Google also removed the ability of a webpage to open a new tab when the current page is being closed. Now it's called Lite mode and will continue to reduce data usage while accelerating page loading. When Chrome optimizes a secure web page to load faster, only its URL is shared with Google - so login information, personalized page content, and cookies remain unshared (of course, the website that you visit has access to these).