Black Mirror: Season 5 reveals first official trailer, featuring Miley Cyrus

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What the episode is about, or when it will be released, remains a secret for now, but we would imagine it will be around Christmas, based on previous seasons. The streaming giant surprised fans by dropping a trailer for the new season on Wednesday, May 15th-and its premiere date it much sooner than you'd probably imagine. For example, Scott (known for his villainous turns in Sherlock and Spectre) is playing a man who has had it up to here with humanity's addiction to smartphones and similar mobile tech.

THR broke the news, which includes casting information and a trailer (embedded at the top of the article).

This new season of Black Mirror will take viewers into the dark spaces of different technologies and deal with the variety of ways how they affect our lives and relationships, often for the worst. Grace can also be seen towards the end of the trailer looking like some kind of yogi or cult leader (he can only be seen from the shoulders-up, so it's hard to tell).

We've learned enough to know that "Black Mirror" gets deep so we won't even try and explain what's happening in the trailer, you just have to see it for yourself.

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At the end of December past year, Netflix released the interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Season 5 has been a long time coming (Season 4 came out in 2017).

The last season of Black Mirror saw the anthology show debut its first interactive episode, Bandersnatch - Dazed unpacked its best moments, easter eggs, and behind-the-scenes bits with its star, Fionn Whitehead. Black Mirror Season 5, which follows three different storylines from Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, will hit Netflix on June 5. You can also catch me having another existential crisis on June 6th.