Boeing safety system not at fault, says chief executive

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Virgin Australia said on Tuesday it had delayed delivery of its order of 48 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft over safety concerns, following two deadly crashes. When certifying an aircraft, we do not consider a single factor in isolation. The company says the software is created to enhance the pitch stability of the plane when it's at an elevated angle of attack, so that it feels to pilots more like other 737s. However, CBS News had previously reported that debris has been discovered in another aircraft manufactured by Boeing.

But those proposals garnered just 34 and 32 percent of the votes, respectively, somewhat better than similar measures previous year, but still well below 50 percent.

Muilenburg will hold his first press conference since the grounding after the general annual shareholder meeting in Chicago, scheduled for (10 Manila).

Mr Muilenburg took six questions from reporters, including whether he will resign - he has no intention of doing that - and left as reporters persisted, including one who pointed to the deaths of 346 people and urged the CEO to take more questions.

Southwest lost more than $200 million in revenue during the first quarter and has taken its 34 MAX aircraft out of the company's flying schedule through August 5.

The announcement comes amid the latest crisis the U.S. plane maker faced after two fatal accidents, involving its best-selling airliners - last month's Ethiopian Airlines crash and the Lion Air crash in October 2018, took lives of 346 people.

At the shareholders meeting, Muilenburg faced some pointed questions from shareholders but defended the design of the 737 MAX as "thorough" and "disciplined".

In his remarks, Muilenburg said the incorrect data was a common link in a chain of events that led to both crashes.

"When we train on the airplane, you're being trained on MCAS", he said.

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The 216 complaints since 2004 reportedly include an emergency aboard a Boeing jet, when the flight crew declared that the angle of attack software had failed.

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio told CNN his committee is investigating Boeing's design and the FAA's certification of the 737 Max and its MCAS system that relied on one AOA sensor.

"In this case again, as in most accidents, there are a chain of events that occurred". "I think it's really important that we all focus on letting the investigation process run its due course".

Last year, before the Lion crash, inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration discovered that the manufacturer had de-activated a signal created to advise the cockpit crew of a malfunctioning of the MCAS system, the source said.

"The company faces serious challenges in regaining the confidence of regulators, airlines, pilots and passengers worldwide", Institutional Shareholder Services said in a note earlier this month that supported both measures.

Southwest, the largest 737 MAX customer, in November told Reuters the alert was installed and it planned to add the indicator as well following the Lion Air crash in Indonesia.

The union for American Airlines pilots wants mandatory additional training including, at a minimum, video demonstrations showing pilots how to respond to failures of systems on the plane.

They decided against that - but never passed details of the discussions to higher-ranking officials in the FAA, the source said.

For what it's worth, Boeing's shares finished the trading day down 0.46%, at $379.05.