Florida woman pulls alligator from yoga trousers during traffic stop, police say

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Deputies were reportedly checking if they had any protected species in the auto when they discovered the turtles and then the alligator.

The 22-year-old man driving the pickup said that he and his female passenger were coming from an underpass where they were trying to collect frogs and snakes.

It was no ordinary traffic stop for deputies Monday morning in Charlotte County, Florida.

When the deputies asked if they could search the bags in the truck, Clemons gave them permission.

A Florida woman has given new meaning to the term "snappy dresser", pulling a small alligator from her yoga trousers during a traffic stop.

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Deputies say a Florida woman had an alligator in her trousers during a traffic stop.

According to an official report from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, Machan-Le Quire then took the one-foot reptile and placed it in the tray of the truck.

The 41 three-striped turtles that were allegedly hidden in a backpack on the floor of a truck. To which she replied by retrieving the scaly critter from her pants - because this is Florida.

The turtles and the American alligator are native to Florida but are also regulated - so Clemons and Ariel Machan-Le Quire were cited for having them and for violating bag limits, local station NBC 2 reports.

On Facebook the sheriff's office posited that the alligator incident marked the rise of a new crime mascot: Florida Woman.