Giannis on trailing 3-2 -- 'We're not gonna fold'

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One win from the NBA Finals, that's insane. They head home for Game 6 Saturday night with the chance to close out the series and become Eastern Conference champions for the first time ever. Fred VanVleet came off the bench to score 21 points in 37 minutes. While Toronto's reserves were scoring fewer points on the road, they were actually shooting considerably better from the field - 43% as the visitor versus 37% on Bay Street.

Giannis Antetokounmpo hada 24 points, six rebounds and six assists and Eric Bledsoe added 20 more. In the regular season, the 60-win Bucks never lost three games in a row. "I mean if we could dial up what we wanted to dial up every time, we'd win 330-0 ..." "And we have to play with a tremendous amount of effort".

The Raptors stumbled out at the start, digging themselves an early 14-point hole with awful shooting. The Bucks shot 54-percent in the first quarter and led by 10.

"How have these games been so drastically different?"

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Raptors player (s) of the game: Kawhi Leonard scored a game-high 35 points in 40 minutes.

The Global Ambassador mocked Joel Embiid with his airplane celebration in Round 2 and poked some fun at Giannis Antetokounmpo for air-balling a free throw in Game 4. Kawhi Leonard, with a dozen points already in the frame, brought the ball down the court and attempted a long pull-up three-pointer. Lowry slipped a pass to a wide-open Siakam, who dunked for a 102-97 Raptors lead, with 16.3 seconds left.

Win or lose, game days are more delicious with Uber Eats. But Nurse was confident in his star. "There's boundaries and lines for a reason, and like I said, the league is usually pretty good at being on top of stuff like that".

Another quote is overlaid on a photo of what appears to be a recording studio with a large window that looks onto the CN Tower: "Meet me in Jurassic Park at 8:30 whole city should be out like the sun. history is upon us". "I expect nothing but the best from him, and I expect him to keep doing that". Even when the Bucks raced out to a 14-point lead early in the first quarter, the Raptors methodically chipped away as opposed to pushing the ball and trying to play fast. The captain and his teammates were sure to watch the Raptors beat the Bucks in Game 5 on Thursday.