Huawei Banned From The Wi-Fi Alliance: No More Wi-Fi

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While perhaps not the most devastating blow Huawei has been dealt in recent days, it has now been excluded from the associations responsible for the development Wi-Fi, SD, and some USB standards.

A host of companies have severed ties with Huawei after the United States government's order. Just like Google, Intel, Broadcom, and Qualcomm, SDA has to obey. That means that Huawei can no longer officially use microSD cards or microSD slot in its devices.

A possible response to this could be Huawei and China developing their own Wi-Fi consortium or joining with other consortiums not based in the U.S. While these are viable options, without a membership to the U.S. -based Wi-Fi Alliance, Huawei will have a seriously hard time competing in the global market.

The SD Association is the non-profit that controls the standards for SD products. Huawei has already planned its move away from the format in favor of its in-house "Nano Memory Cards". The group is located in California, placing it under the jurisdiction of the U.S. ban.

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JEDEC, which sets semiconductor standards, said Huawei has "voluntarily chose to withdraw membership" until USA restrictions are removed, according to a report on Nikkei Asian Review.

Huawei's official Spokesperson has said that the Huawei's Phones can still use microSD cards. Now, reports have it that Microsoft has stopped supplying new orders to Huawei MateBooks.

Huawei even developed its own expandable storage standard for smartphones for its latest flagship devices, with the new Huawei P30 Pro supporting nanoSD cards.

Following the declaration, Google announced that they would comply with Trump's policy, and deny Huawei phones future access to the Android operating system, and security updates.