Iowa Officials Confirm 'Multiple Cases' of Dog Disease that Can Infect Humans

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Both the animals and the facilities are quarantined while the dogs undergo testing.

Still, multiple cases of a zoonotic bacterial disease known as Canine Brucellosis was discovered at a dog breeding facility in Marion County, Iowa.

Following confirmation of the disease's spread from state health officials, authorities warned those who'd "recently acquired a new, small breed dog" from Marion County to call their veterinarian, Fox News reported Monday. "The infection is spread through contact with fluids from other infected animals", Coppess says.

Even breathing in the bacteria that causes the brucellosis infection could be risky to humans.

Dealing with fever, night sweats, headaches, back pain, and other flu-like symptoms?

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Canine brucellosis is a bacterial disease that can cause reproductive failure in dogs and fever, chills, fatigue and inflammation of lymph nodes in humans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted. Veterinarians, wildlife officers and farm workers are also at higher risk.

Despite the control of rabies in domestic dogs in the US, each year interactions with suspect animals result in the need to observe or test hundreds of thousands of animals and to administer rabies postexposure prophylaxis to 30,000 to 60,000 persons, says the CDC.

Human infection from the disease is rare, the university said.

The department recommends that those who believe they might have come in contact with an infected or exposed dog, visit their primary care physician. If the test is positive, it is important to confirm the results with another test that is more specific for Brucella spp. antigens says the American Kennel Club. They have quarantined 32 dogs purchased at an auction from a breeder. "Therefore, we have closed our shelter building for the next 30 days", the adoption service wrote in a Facebook post.

"This is just one more reason to ADOPT and not SHOP!" the organization added. The infection is rarely seen in humans. "Please pray for our sweet babies that were finally getting the chance to have a happy life". Before breeding all dogs need to be tested for canine brucellosis, they add. They point out that available treatments for this infection do not lead to complete cure and there is a risk of recurrence or "recrudescence" of the infection in the animal.