Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Masters are new games with release date news

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The next generation of core Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, are coming out this holiday. With the upcoming title Pokemon Sleep, you can become a 24/7 Pokemon trainer.

It is being developed by Select Button, which previously collaborated with the company on the smartphone app Magikarp Jump, and Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go.

The new Pokemon Go Plus + device will work for both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep. We'll likely hear more about Masters as we inch closer to release.

The new Pokemon Go Plus + accessory retains the same functionality as the Go Plus, but adds sleep monitoring functionality through a built-in accelerometer.

The Pokemon Company has revealed that similar to how Pokemon turned walking into entertainment, they will now turn sleeping into entertainment.

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Pokemon Home will also allow for trading with players globally online, with friends, and with trainers nearby.

This now has a name and has a release date scheduled for 2019.

This will allow gamers to collect and store all their current Pokemon from various games in one place, including from titles like Let's Go Pikachu, Pokemon Go and Sword and Shield.

Nintendo is also working with Chinese gaming leader Tencent Holdings Ltd to launch its Switch device in the country.

Other announcements included a Detective Pikachu game sequel and Pokemon Home, a cloud-based Pokemon storage and trade system that will work across various games. "You can use it to play Pokémon GO during the day as well as with Pokémon Sleep at night!" the Pokemon Company announced, proclaiming its ambitions to dominate the entire circadian cycle.