Rashida Tlaib: Palestinians Want to Be Free, It’s Israel’s Fault

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In tired communities in southern Israel, there was criticism that the latest round of fighting had ended without tangible results - and no hope that it would not recur soon. The flow of funds was made all the more urgent by the advent of the Muslim fasting month, Ramadan, which began on Monday.

The global Israeli news agency Tazpit Press Service (TPS) reported that Islamic Jihad representatives offered compensation to the family for the death of the baby and a woman who may have been her mother.

"We see Iranian fingerprints mostly in the Gaza Strip focused on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad but not limited to... that materializes in money weapons logistic support, military training and of course political guidance". On Monday Netanyahu said the campaign was "not over and demands patience and sagacity".

Mujahid called on all the people of Malaysia and the world to condemn the Israeli action.

However, there appeared to be no rocket fire coming from Gaza following the Palestinians' announcement.

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Van Dijk instead ordered substitute Xherdan Shaqiri to take an in-swinging free-kick and the decision made all the difference. Neville said: "I'm glad we've seen that because we often sit here and say that players don't alter things.

In Gaza, the economy has been ravaged by an Israeli-Egyptian blockade, years of fighting with Israel and Hamas's isolation and mismanagement.

Palestinian emergency personnel try to put out the fire on a auto belonging to Hamas terror group senior member Hamed Hamdan al-Khodari, after it was hit by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, on May 5, 2019.

Over the last three days rockets and missiles from Gaza have killed four civilians in Israel, while Israeli strikes have killed at least 20 Palestinians - more than half of them civilians.

The IDF released a video showing a building where it says the attack was launched being destroyed. Israeli counterstrikes at what the Israel Defense Forces said were military targets killed at least a dozen Palestinians. Israel faced pressure to restore calm and put an end to the rocket fire hitting communities in the country's southern region.

Israel's military said that more than 600 rockets and other projectiles - over 150 of them intercepted by its Iron Dome anti-missile system - had been fired at southern Israeli cities and villages since Friday. We'll have more on the situation in Gaza after headlines. Next week, Israel is to host the popular Eurovision song contest and the backdrop of fighting would have likely overshadowed the occasions and deterred foreign tourists. It accused Israel of reneging on the deal to allow in cash assistance of $30 million a month from Qatar, expand fishing rights and ease the restrictions on imports and exports that have choked Gaza's economy.