Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor

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President Donald Trump said Monday that he would back the Japanese prime minister's efforts to open communications with Iran, citing Japan's good relations with the USA nemesis in the Middle East.

Emperor Naruhito met U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday as the Japanese monarch welcomed his first state guest since ascending the throne on May 1.

Monday's meeting with the Trumps kicks off a new period of imperial diplomacy overseen by an emperor and empress who have a wide range of global experience, more so than any of their predecessors, as both have spent a number of years living overseas.

Beyond all the pageantry, Trump and Abe scheduled talks Monday and planned to hold a joint news conference.

Trump has set measured expectations for what will be accomplished, tweeting that serious trade negotiations with Japan "will wait until after their July elections", referring to upcoming parliamentary elections.

In addition to trade, Mr Abe and Mr Trump are expected to discuss North Korea and Iran.

A vehicle carrying President Donald Trump leaves the American Embassy in Tokyo.

"Abe has to rely on Trump to advocate", she said. Trump said last month that he would end preferential trade treatment for India, which would result in U.S. tariffs on up to $5.6 billion of imports from India. North Korean state media said Mr Kim personally oversaw a "strike drill" testing various missile components.

Trump is staying three nights in Japan as a state guest, one night more than his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, did in 2014. Trump is eager to present the victor with a USA -made trophy.

Moving forward, he said, trade will be "a little bit more fair, I think".

Behind the smiles and personal friendship, however, there is deep uneasiness over Trump's threat to impose tariffs on Japanese autos and auto parts on national security grounds.

Plenty of world leaders have tried to butter up President Donald Trump with flattery and favors.

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Trump read from a scroll, praising Asanoyama's "outstanding achievement".

The president hoisted the hefty cup into Asanoyama's arms with the help of an official. Abe also presented a trophy to Asonoyama, and the champion received a third one sponsored by the emperor.

The 25-year-old Asanoyama, whose real name is Hiroki Ishibashi, weighs 390 pounds.

Later Sunday, Abe will introduce Trump to the ancient sport of sumo wrestling by taking Trump to sit ringside at a championship match.

Both Trump and Naruhito greeted a long line of officials in each other's delegations before everyone went back inside the palace.

The comments underscored the competing dynamics of a state visit created to show off the deep ties between the USA and Japan and the close friendship between Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, even as tensions are high. Ticket holders also had their bags checked at the entrance, and canned and bottled drinks were banned.

The sumo crowd of 11,500 had been instructed to applaud the VIPs' arrival and warned not to hurl their seat cushions into the ring - a traditional show of appreciation for a particularly exciting bout or when a high-ranking wrestler suffers a shock defeat.

President Donald Trump referred to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as his "golf buddy".

His attendance made him the first U.S. President in history to witness sumo in its homeland. They teed off on Sunday for a round at the Mobara course in Chiba.

Afterward, Abe told reporters: "We were able to exchange views in a cozy atmosphere".

Trump is in Japan for a four-day state visit and is expected to address troops at a USA base in the country on Tuesday.

It's an unusually political statement coming from a president in the middle of an global trip. Trump has been seeking a bilateral trade agreement with Tokyo since he pulled the USA out of the multinational Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement two years ago, though analysts expect no breakthroughs during Trump's visit.