Ukraine's new president replaces Chief of the General Staff: decree

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Earlier Monday Zelensky, 41, was sworn in as Ukraine's sixth president and used his inaugural speech to announce the dissolution of parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, as he called for snap elections.

After he was sworn in but before he moved to dissolve parliament, Zelensky asked the Supreme Rada to adopt a bill against illegal enrichment and support his motions to fire the country's defense minister, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service and the Prosecutor General. Mr Zelensky said they would be brought forward to July.

The press service noted that the date of the snap elections to the parliament was discussed during the meeting.

He is expected to sign a decree dissolving parliament after the talks. On Monday, he also said Ukrainians are burdened by a lackluster economy, citing tariffs and low salaries.

Volodymyr Fesenko, head of the Kiev-based think-tank Penta, said Zelenskiy's announcement shows "political will for radical change".

Zelenskiy's attempt to dissolve the parliament already faces a challenge.

Meanwhile, he has learned his first lesson as president-elect in grownup politics: his inauguration was scheduled for Monday at 10 AM local time, in parliament, but the celebration comes against a background of new parliamentary instability, after Ukraine's coalition government collapsed on May 17, when the People's Front party, the second largest in parliament, withdrew from the coalition.

Opponents have questioned whether Zelenskiy has the authority to disband parliament under the constitution because of the timing of his inauguration, but there has been little sign of vocal resistance to his plan since he announced it on May 20.

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Moscow has been accused of militarily supporting the separatists, and Putin this month ordered an easing of procedures for Ukrainians living in the eastern separatist regions to gain Russian citizenship, a challenge to the new Ukrainian leader.

Zelensky's newly-formed "Servant of the People" party, named after the sitcom in which he starred, is leading in opinion polls with nearly 40 percent support. "We didn't start it, but we will end this war", he said, promising his first step would be to return Ukrainian prisoners of war taken by Russian Federation.

Dressed in a dark suit, he exchanged high fives with supporters waiting outside, took selfies with them and even jumped up to plant a kiss on a supporter's forehead.

His victory made worldwide headlines, in part because the popular entertainer has no previous political and stars in a TV show in which he plays a man who unexpectedly becomes president.

"Everyone and their brother - including Zelensky - is declaring a new party to run for parliament", Sleboda said, noting how numerous political figures have introduced new groups, and existing parties have split.

Elections to the Supreme Rada were scheduled for October 27, which raised the prospect of Zelenskiy struggling to enact his agenda in the face of a hostile parliament over his first few months in power.

"I am not ashamed of what we were able to do", he said. 'In my life, I've tried to do all I could to make Ukrainians smile, ' he said. "In the next five years I will do everything, Ukrainians, so that you don't cry". He starred as a history teacher who was unexpectedly elected president in the comedy series "Servant of the People".