UK's Brexit Party maintains big lead in European Union election poll

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Brexit talks between Ms.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote to Ms.

In a letter to May, the Labour leader said the talks had "gone as far as they can" due to "the increasing weakness and instability" of the government.

"We have been unable to bridge important policy gaps between us", Corbyn, a socialist who voted against joining the EU's predecessor in 1975, wrote. He added, "Even more crucially, the increasing weakness and instability of (May's) government means there can not be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed" between the Tory and Labor parties.

"The government has not fundamentally shifted its view and the divisions in the Conservative Party mean the government is negotiating with no authority and no ability that I can see to actually deliver anything", he said.

The divorce deal, which Ms. May agreed in 2018 with the European Union, has been rejected three times by parliament. Ms. Mrs May will put the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, legislation needed to enact the exit deal, to a vote in Parliament early next month.

A source in May's office said the bill would contain new features to reflect some lawmakers' concerns.

The pound sank to $US1.275 ($A1.855), its lowest level since mid-January.

Ms. May's hands have been tied, knowing that to make concessions to Labour would lead to fury in her divided party.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said: "We have made real progress on some issues such as workers' rights and environmental protections, but it is clear that we are not going to be able to reach a complete agreement".

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The poll found that if Labour were to switch and clearly back a second referendum with an option to remain in the European Union, the party could win back a large number of Remain votes in Thursday's vote.

The Brexit impasse is unlikely to be broken swiftly.

MPs are due to vote for a fourth time in early June on the terms of Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

YouGov's Adam McDonnell said: "Both the Conservatives and Labour look set to lose a majority of those who voted for them in the 2017 general election".

Conservative lawmaker and former London mayor Boris Johnson, who has led the Brexit movement and supports leaving the European Union even without a plan in place, has announced he will stand for the prime minister's position after May vacates it.

Senior Scottish Conservatives have pledged to oppose Mr Johnson's leadership bid, believing it will alienate Scots and harm Ruth Davidson's chances of winning power at Holyrood.

In short, then, a new Conservative leader and prime minister will do absolutely nothing to change the hard facts causing the Brexit paralysis in the UK.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in Brussels to ask for another Brexit delay.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed on Friday that Mr Johnson as PM backed by Mr Farage would be a "nightmare" for Scotland. The EU has made it quite clear that the backstop is non-negotiable, and it appears the only way to avoid it would be to agree a closer future relationship between the United Kingdom and EU, which said pro-Brexit candidates will never support. "But other issues have proved to be more hard". "We are also polarised: Most Leavers would prefer to leave without a deal and most Remainers want a second referendum in the hope we shall change our minds, and there isn't an terrible lot of support for any of the compromise options between those extremes".