Apple's iOS 13 has a feature that won't throttle iPhone performance

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However, a new development has taken place and this has been revealed by Apple itself.

Since Apple introduced USB-C to its iPad Pro in 2018, many Apple fans have been hoping that the next generation of iPhones will also feature the technology.

This are just some of the features that iPhone users will not be seeing on the iOS 13.

The general rumours in the market are that Apple will stick to its pattern of releasing 3 iPhones this September; the iPhone XI, the iPhone XI Max and the iPhone XR 2019 (unless the company decides to call it something else).

In the first beta of the recently-launched iOS 13, the iPhone recovery animation shows a USB-C connector rather than a Lightning cable.

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USB-C is the universal standard connector for many laptops and Android phones and is now used by the Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2, and OnePlus 6. Some of the highlight features in tow include the new Dark Mode, QuickPath that allows users to swipe across the virtual keyboard to type, and Sign In with Apple, a secure one-tap sign-in button similar to the social login buttons of Google and Facebook.

In earlier versions of the operating system, the cable could be seen pointing to the iTunes logo during a restore from a computer. It appears to be an illustration of a cable to be plugged into a MacBook.

While Apple is known for its secrecy, the brand is known for leaking information about its future products deep within new versions of iOS.

That's not a big upgrade, but as we noted in our iPhone XR review, it already had better battery life than any other iPhone, so the iPhone 11R's life might be better still.