Arizona helicopter rescue gurney carrying woman, 74, spins uncontrollably midair

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That line which was meant to stop the spin eventually broke, authorities said, and the helicopter's team tried to stop the rotation by adjusting the height of the basket.

Why did the stretcher spin?

Officials clarified that the tendency of the basket to spin during a rescue isn't something that happens often, but it also isn't a freak-of-nature incident. She began experiencing disorientation and couldn't walk. "It wants to windmill", said Apolinar.

It wasn't until the helicopter began to fly away from its stationary position that the harsh motions started to subside.

While the rescue appears to be a bit jarring, Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Bobby Dubnow assures the woman was secured safely in a bag and basket, which had "multiple points of packaging".

Phoenix Police lead air unit pilot Paul Apolinar added that out-of-control spinning has only occurred twice in 210 rescues over the past six years, and the last occurrence was three to four years ago. "We have a line attached to the basket to prevent that, today it didn't". The crew brought the basket down, then up, in an effort to mitigate the spin.

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"When they start to lower the load, [the basket] does actually start to stop", Geisel said.

In the video, you can see the patient was lowered and brought back up.

The helicopter then landed at a parking lot at the base of Piestewa Peak.

The video of her chopper rescue was shared widely online after netizens noticed her stretcher spun rapidly while being pulled up.

She was not experiencing any other symptoms related to the spin, firefighters said during the press conference.

She was said to be in a stable condition.