Dem Rep. Swalwell: John Dean Testimony '11' Out of 10

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"In light of today's agreement from the Justice Department, it's logical to ask: Is the chairman prepared to rescind his baseless recommendation to hold the attorney general in contempt, or do House Democrats still plan to green-light lawsuits against the attorney general and former White House counsel tomorrow?" Watch live in the player above.

John Dean, the former White House counsel to Richard Nixon who gave some of the most damning testimony in 1973 before the Senate Watergate Committee, testified Monday before the House Judiciary Committee investigating President Donald Trump and Russia's interference in the 2016 election. He said all the members of the committee will be able to view them. The Justice and Commerce Departments rejected a subpoena from the House Oversight and Reform Committee for documents and testimony relating to the census, and Trump ordered his former communications director Hope Hicks and McGahn's former top aide Annie Donaldson to refuse to testify or supply documents to the Judiciary Committee. He also said the committee had made a "premature decision" to hold a contempt vote and because of the vote, Boyd said "the Attorney General is now compelled to request that the president invoke executive privilege" regarding material subject to the subpoenas of both Barr and Ross.

On Tuesday, the House has scheduled the vote to authorize lawsuits against Barr and former White House counsel Donald McGahn for failing to comply with subpoenas from the Democratic-controlled House. I did urge him to first provide the information we requested numerous times, and that is why the Committee specifically needs privileged information that the Chairman himself and the litigation process have recognized as confidential.

"You need an agency that is credible, has consistency in its rule making, and is science-based", Thomas said, adding that he believes his old boss, Reagan, would want the agency to recommit to its original objective.

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However, he insisted that the current trade relationship between the world's top two economies was "very unbalanced". China has blamed the USA for the breakdown and vowed to reciprocate for the increased tariffs in various ways.

During a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill last Tuesday, Pelosi told key Democratic committee leaders "I want to see him in prison" rather see Trump be impeached, according to officials familiar with the conversation.

Democrats are ramping up action related to Mueller's Trump-Russia probe this week as they try to focus more public attention on the report, which was released in redacted form in April.

Calling the hearing a "frivolous exercise of going after the president", he challenged Democrats: "You guys need to get your act together and figure out if you are going to open an impeachment inquiry or not". However, he also said he could not exonerate the president.Many analysts have interpreted the special counsel's actions as laying a road map forCongress, which must then decide whether or not to pursue Trump's impeachment. But the report found insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Moscow.

Today the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from John Dean, the former Nixon White House Counsel who went to jail for his role in Watergate. Subsequently, just like they do on MSNBC, Joyce Vance and Barbara McQuade did an excellent job outlining Trump's obstruction and highlighting Mueller's findings. "That's why these proceedings are moving so slowly: Robert Mueller closed up shop a little too early in the election cycle".