EA Shows First Look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay

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Fallen Order has finally been unveiled beyond vague "it's Star Wars so it's cool" platitudes, as EA has given us actual gameplay to judge today at E3. Less than one minute into the gameplay video, Kal interacts with Star Wars: Rogue One character Saw Gerrera who provides him with orders pertaining to the aforementioned task of releasing the Wookies. Respawn did manage to get their famed wall running into Fallen Order, however. It will be held at the Hollywood Palladium and feature developer talks, gameplay reveals, and more, with livestreams for those who are not in attendance.

One thing is clear, Respawn has truly taken the time to make a Star Wars title worthy of the name, and as a Star Wars fan myself, it's about time we got a GOOD one. Cal Kestis is on a mission on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to help free the imprisoned Wookiees there.

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Since EA acquired the Star Wars license, single-player Star Wars games pretty much stopped coming out.

While EA might not be holding a traditional E3 press conference this year, the publisher will still showcase some of its games at its EA Play 2019 livestream. We also saw lightsaber combat (which looks absolutely incredible) as well as usage of force abilities. Players will need to approach enemies strategically, sizing up strengths and weaknesses while cleverly utilizing your Jedi training to overcome your opponents and solve the mysteries that lay in your path. "Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive". With this, Zampella re-confirmed that Fallen Order will indeed take place in the current Star Wars canon. Cal's flight from the Empire is made even more risky as he is being pursued by the Second Sister, one of the Empire's elite Inquisitors, who seeks to hunt Cal down and extinguish this surviving Jedi.