Huawei phones will no longer ship with Facebook, WhatsApp

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Another company joined the long list of organizations that's cut ties with Huawei.

Facebook has suspended Huawei's ability to pre-install the social network's apps on its smartphones.

Google has warned that if the Trump administration goes ahead with an extensive ban on Huawei, it risks compromising national security, the Financial Times reported.

The decision only applies to pre-installed apps and does not stop Huawei smartphone owners downloading and installing the apps once they receive their phones. Huawei declined to comment on the matter altogether, but when you're dealing with being blacklisted by the USA government, there probably isn't very much to say. Once that grace period expires in August, though, new Huawei phones will ship without major Google services and apps - including the Play Store - unless Huawei can reverse the U.S. government's decision to blacklist it.

People who already own a Huawei phone and have the relevant apps installed can still continue to use them.

The report says that Google has told the Trump administration that if it can't be exempted from the ban, it would like the current 90-day reprieve granted Huawei to be extended for a longer period of time.

The search giant argued a Huawei-modified version of Android would be more susceptible to being hacked, the newspaper said.

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The issue stems from a United States trade ban, implemented this year, which prevents U.S. firms from exporting technology products and software to Huawei on the grounds of national security. This will severely impact Huawei's US trade deals and its status with Google, which revoked Huawei's Android license shortly after the move.

Facebook's move is the latest fallout in the escalating U.S.

"Google has been arguing that by stopping it from dealing with Huawei, the US risks creating two kinds of Android operating system: the genuine version and a hybrid one".

We have known for a while Huawei is developing its own mobile operating system.

He said that Huawei has not negotiated directly with the USA government and is waiting to see how the Google talks evolve.

The second argument in the above quote is that a ban would "create two kinds of Android" and hurt Google's monopoly over Android.