Hungary: Four More Bodies Pulled Out of Tourist Boat Wreckage

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Four more bodies were recovered as the recovery operation began and crews looked in parts of the boat for the last victims.

Divers continued to search the hull of the boat in the early stages of the lifting procedure.

The search for the missing continues. with two helicopters carrying Korean rescuers conducting searches. and two search boats carrying three people each headed south along the river.

Crews lifted the Mermaid onto a barge that will take it to Csepel, an industrial port in south Budapest.

Meanwhile, Budapest police said they would again inspect the Viking Sigyn, the cruise ship involved in the collision, which sailed on shortly after the crash but was back in Hungary, docked Monday at the northern town of Visegrad.

Nineteen South Korean tourists and a Hungarian crewman were previously confirmed to have died, with eight people still listed as missing.

A huge floating crane placed the Hableany (Mermaid) on a barge at Margit Bridge, the site of the tragedy in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

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Divers search for bodies as a huge floating crane lifts the wreck of the Mermaid tour boat to the surface almost two weeks after a collision with another ship near Budapest's Margit Bridge.

Dozens of small sightseeing boats ply the river through Budapest every day.

Seven South Koreans were rescued after the nighttime collision May 29 amid heavy rain.

Korean authorities thanked the Hungarian people for their prompt support and cooperation leading up to the salvage process. and sent their condolences to the victims and their families.

Hungarian police, who led the team of divers and experts, initially estimated the lifting would take around six hours, but work was delayed several times.

Recovery efforts had been hampered by high springtime water levels, strong currents and near-zero visibility under the waterline.

The Viking Sigyn cruise liner's captain, a 64-year-old Ukrainian man identified by police as C. Yuriy, is being held as a suspect.