Mexico to Deploy its National Guard to Confront Migrant Families

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President Donald Trump said the U.S. will do "something" about French wine that he said is allowed into the usa under low tariffs while France imposes duties on United States wine, calling the arrangement unfair.

The once-wealthy oil nation is now facing severe shortages of basic goods and hyperinflation.

On Saturday, Trump said that Mexico had agreed to "immediately begin" buying "large quantities" of agricultural goods from us farmers.

TPS is granted to people from countries ravaged by natural disasters or war and lets them remain in the US until the situation improves back home. He is convinced that they are the most valuable negotiating tool he has, singularly capable of focusing the attention of adversaries and bending them to his will. Trump believes that trade wars, fought primarily with tariffs, are "easy to win" since the USA economy is so much bigger than any other and the pain it can inflict is invariably greater than that it will suffer. "It would come out of what we're going to receive from the sale of the luxurious presidential plane".

Two congressional panels have advanced bills granting protections to Venezuelans, which conflicts with Trump's tough-on-immigration stance.

President Donald Trump hopped on Twitter to once again enlighten the public - this time, about a member of the royal family who can speak to animals.

The reference to Whales, rather than Wales, caused hilarity online, with many Twitter users imagine how such a prince might look.

For all the uncertainties in U.S. foreign policy, one thing is clear: U.S. President Donald Trump loves tariffs.

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Text on the paper can clearly be made out, and appears to show details of Trump's plans, including the words: "The Government of Mexico will take all necessary steps under domestic law to bring the agreement into force with a view to ensuring that the agreement will enter into force within 45 days".

Mexico and the United States have set a time frame of 45 days to gauge the impact of their plan to discourage mass immigration.

'I'm about to have my baby': migrants stuck in Mexico face more uncertainty: Tariff deal calls for expansion of policy forcing Central American asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as their cases wind through United States...

"Right now Mexico is helping us more on immigration than the Democrats in the USA, the president said". America's self-proclaimed genius said he met with an undersea leader.

To be fair, when Trump caught his spelling mistake, he immediately deleted his tweet and reposted with the correct spelling of "Wales".

"The commercial workers are really anxious", said Sonia Aguilar, the mayor of Suchiate.

Leader: This is a lie for if the U.S. could do that it would but this is what United States is not capable of doing.

The interview consists mostly of Trump ranting wildly and inaccurately about how cross-border trade works.