Microsoft Reveals Next-Generation Xbox Scarlett Console At E3 2019

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The Xbox E3 2019 press conference took place yesterday, with Microsoft making a bunch of new announcements related to big games such as Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077, Gears 5, and more.

In 2017, Microsoft announced a new service for console gamers, the Xbox Game Pass.

Analysts have said Microsoft is better positioned than most to capitalise on cloud gaming, citing its strength in infrastructure, content it owns, and experience in gaming.

If you're not going to give us a Project Scarlett reveal, at least give us Halo Infinite gameplay! Comprised of three high-value memberships spanning Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs, it presents sizeable savings over purchasing each separately. Thus, after Halo Reach will follow the four sequential titles with ODST trailing on the back end because it's criminally underrated and just deserves more love, dammit. For $14.99 a month, you will be able to access all the Xbox Game Pass titles, as well as the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

Blair Witch is an all-new first-person psychological horror game which has been created by the makers of Layers of Fear. It sounds like it'll be an APU design again, much like the Xbox One, which used much older hardware from AMD. The new trailer shows how you, as a young Padawan, will use the Force to explore your environment, master lightsaber combat, and remain one step ahead of the Empire. The news underscored Microsoft's commitment to a new generation of hardware even as it introduces new ways for consumers to stream games onto multiple devices.

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This will be the conclusion to the second trilogy of games and while many would agree the second trilogy pales in comparison to the first, Halo is still Microsoft's bread and butter and something they care about.

While Microsoft's E3 2019 showing may have been disappointing, it's not entirely unexpected.

The subscription-based service gaming service will cost $5 per month but will launch at an introductory fee of $1 per month, according to the Microsoft website.

An image of a naked Project Scarlett.

At a Final Fantasy-themed concert, Square-Enix announced that a reimagined, modern-looking version of one of the best-loved Japanese games of all time, Final Fantasy VII Remake, will be out on 3 March 2020.