Reports indicate Huawei will challenge its ban in the USA courts

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The trade war tension is at its peak because now recent reports are coming, which shows that Huawei has made severe allegations on FedEx of diverting company's documents to the U.S. government.

Huawei has been given a 90-day reprieve on the USA restrictions that allow the company to complete any pending commitments it may have with its customers and suppliers in preparation for the ban to come into full effect. "This will also result in tens of thousands of American jobs".

Bai Ming, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Co-operation, said it is really odd for FedEx, the United States package delivery company, to misdeliver Huawei's parcels, especially when the USA government is banning the Chinese tech company. As a result, many of USA tech giants, such as Google, stopped all work with Huawei.

"The US government has provided no evidence to show that Huawei is a security threat".

Huawei, whose products have been banned in the USA, lodged a complaint with China's postal regulator alleging that FedEx has diverted two parcels destined for Huawei addresses in Asia to the United States and attempted to reroute two others.

Chinese tech giant Huawei has filed a motion in us court challenging the constitutionality of a law that limits its sales of telecom equipment.

Other trade experts also pointed out that the White House may have pushed a trade deal farther from reach due to its Huawei ban order.

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Speaking to reporters in Shenzhen, Liuping also outlined steps that Huawei had taken in relation to a lawsuit it filed against the USA government in March.

"Politicians in the U.S. are using the strength of an entire nation to come after a private company ..."

A similar previous action against Chinese telecom company ZTE almost put it out of business, before it accepted a massive fine to resolve the situation. Ren appears to be more confident about Huawei's condition because he thinks this ban from USA government is not going to last for a more extended period.

Huawei, which has been given a 90-day reprieve from the ban, has denied its products pose a security threat and protested Washington's attempts to limit its business.

The lawsuit comes as the US and China are embroiled in a broader trade war in which both sides have imposed billions of dollars of punitive tariffs against each other's products.

In today's statement, Mr Song said going through the court was Huawei's "last line of defence for justice" and said security concerns were a ruse. China responded by raising tariffs of 5 per cent to 25 per cent on $60 billion worth of American goods. "There is no gun, no smoke but only speculation", Liuping said.