Tick tock goes the political clock as Dems weigh impeachment

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The U.S. Constitution empowers Congress to impeach and remove the president from office, but no president has ever been removed as a direct result of a Senate impeachment trial. Despite the reported rift within the party over impeachment, both Pelosi and Nadler claim they are on the same page on the issue.

"Make no mistake, we know exactly what path we're on".

Other Democrats reportedly told Politico that Pelosi's comment about Trump going to prison is consistent with her belief that the president is unfit for office and should be the subject of an intervention by family and staff. Pelosi has also said that Trump is "not worth" an impeachment proceeding.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said Monday that his panel will hold a series of hearings on "the alleged crimes and other misconduct" in Mueller's report, starting with a hearing June 10 on whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.

She said Democrats can "move more expeditiously" by pursuing civil contempt in court but "it doesn't mean" Democrats won't eventually pursue inherent contempt, under which Democrats maintain Congress could fine or otherwise punish Trump officials.

The Republican National Committee responded quickly, saying Ryan's call for impeachment Tuesday was done to appease his "radical base" while trying to keep attention focused on him in a crowded field of Democratic candidates.

Pelosi said Wednesday that the decision to subpoena Mueller would be up to the committee. Democrats are also prevailing in court, where the administration is challenging several subpoenas. Other former Trump aides could also face contempt citations.

Khanna said that a censure resolution won't appease Democrats eager to see Trump gone, but it will show voters that they're serious about doing something.

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Will Donald Trump be impeached?

Pelosi has toughened her language about the president in recent weeks.

The founders of the United States created the office of the presidency and feared that its powers could be abused. President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 before Congress could impeach him. Negotiations over Mueller's testimony are ongoing.

Democrats are beginning the summer by trying to keep the public's focus on special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation report.

Here is how the impeachment process works. He added, if stonewalled, the only "constitutional avenue for them is impeachment". Trump has been portraying the report's findings as completely exonerating him ("no collusion, no obstruction"), even though the report explicitly stated that this was not the case. But the tick-tock of time is an inexorable one as the 2020 presidential and congressional elections cast a widening shadow over Washington.

The Senate now has 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two independents who usually vote with the Democrats.

The array of military products cleared for sale by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo included offensive equipment like precision-guided munitions, mortars and fighter jet engines, some of which would take many months to be produced and shipped, which lawmakers said belied the administration's contention that it was addressing an emergency.

This makes it highly unlikely that Trump will support any real attempt to ward off similar electoral interference - possibly more intense and by more countries - in 2020. The elites in America get away with things every day that an autoworker in OH or a waitress in NY could never get away with.