Trump visit: Meghan's very nice, insists president after 'nasty' row

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Trump insists that when he said "I didn't know she was nasty" about Meghan, he simply meant, "I didn't know she was nasty about me".

He responded to her damning comments: "I didn't know she was nasty". ". So, what can I say?" "Yes, of course Trump is divisive", she said.

A debate over the president's comments ignited over the weekend and an audio recording of the interview was later posted on the Sun's website.

President Trump also sat down with news anchor Piers Morganfor an interview that will air on June 5 on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

"I think I'm making up for it rapidly" Trump told Morgan, because of increased defense spending under his presidency.

The English socialite said that Meghan is "ruling the roost" and keeping her husband from some of his closest friends.

Despite there existing a tape recording of the exchange, Trump denied replying: "I didn't know that".

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Amid the D-Day coverage, a remarkable interview of Trump by Piers Morgan isn't getting the attention it deserves. "I think it is nice and I'm sure she will do excellently".

Though Trump had pictures with the Queen, heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and wife Camilla, as well as the Queen's second Prince Andrew, he had none with William and Kate.

Trump is on a three-day long state visit to the United Kingdom, and on Monday night he attended dinner at Buckingham Palace with the royals.

Trump said that he had met Prince Harry during the visit: "I did". "I think it is nice", he noted. Here's hoping Trump is back in reach of a Fox signal during his favorite morning shows to see it. As a matter of fact, Chopra went on the record to defend her dear friend Meghan Markle and even called out some of her critics for being racist.

LA-born Meghan will not be present during the President's state visit after giving birth to her son Archie nearly four weeks ago.

But the Queen's grandson quickly disappeared into the background and did not follow other members of the Royal Family as they walked round the exhibition with the American leader and his party.

He adds Prince Harry was "a terrific guy" and "couldn't have been nicer". "He couldn't have been nicer.I think he's great". Trump also deflected questions about gun violence and defending his policy of banning transgender people from the military.