Yasmin orders HIV screening of prisoners

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Though Thursday's event at the Creighton Street Walgreens is part of the national conversation on HIV, Kathy Thorson with the Allen County Health Department says this information is critical for those unsure of their status.

Organized by the Canadian AIDS Society, HIV Community Link and Alberta Health Services, the tests are free of charge. Untreated, HIV will lead to AIDS, the most severe stage of infection when a person's body can no longer fight illness.

As a nurse at a clinic that treats sexually transmitted infectious diseases, I frequently saw patients visit the clinic requesting HIV testing because their provider did not want to test them for HIV, or their provider said they did not offer HIV testing. It is estimated today that one in five people in Canada who are living with HIV have not been tested and do not know they have it. Based on the strength of the scientific advances, the White House and many states have set ambitious goals of significantly reducing HIV infections over the next decade. A recent KFF survey found that while 80 percent of Americans recognize HIV as a "serious issue", a majority of those surveyed don't know about new preventative treatment strategies like PrEP, which if practiced correctly makes it virtually impossible to contract HIV. Blood Transfusion Authority, Districts Health Authorities, Infection Control Program, Hepatitis Control Program TB Control Program, Narcotics Control and Donors with health department are also helping for the eradication of HIV AIDS, ensuring the screening of all prisoners in prisons of Punjab.

There are also prevention tools for people who haven't been diagnosed with HIV.

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Testing will be available in 70 different communities across Canada, where about 63,100 people have tested HIV positive.

The HIV testing will happen Thursday night at Scooters in Eau Claire starting at 9 p.m.

The first ever National HIV Testing Day was celebrated today in the Barrie City Hall courtyard.

Wellington Health Center 10111 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 340 Wellington, FL 12:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.