New Melania Trump statue in Slovenia gets mixed reviews

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First lady Melania Trump is back in her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia - as a life-sized, hand-carved wooden statue rising out of a tree stump.

Besides the trademark light blue dress that Melania wore at her husband Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, and the posture of the sculpture with a waving hand, there is nothing else to resemble the looks of the first lady.

"Who knows?" an exhibition leaflet about the statue reads, the Mirror reports.

He commissioned local artist Ales Zupevc to carve the sculpture.

There is no attempt at an accurate likeness, to the point where the gallery in Ljubljana appears uncertain how seriously to take the statue.

The first lady has become one of her home country's most famous exports ever since her husband became the U.S. president. She might come and see the thing. The first lady's limbs are rendered stumpily and her facial features are undefined.

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The statue was unveiled in Melania Trump's home town in Slovenia.

The sculpture created by American artist Brad Downey. He noted that it was a "blatant contradiction" to have a president, who has made halting immigration a cornerstone of his presidency, married to an immigrant whose first language is not English.

The tip outcome turned into a picket describe of Mrs Trump carrying a blue coat outside the town of Sevnica with a club-admire hand gesturing in direction of the sky.

The artist received positive feedback on Instagram, but local residents had mixed opinions on the finished project. "It's a Smurfette. It's a disgrace", the local resident told ITV.

Another individual wrote on Instagram: "So sad that you killed a lovely, healthy, carbon-sequestering tree for selfish and self-serving reasons".