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The Man Behind Allen Iverson’s Practice Rant


…..(suspense)… it’s…..  Gary Payton! Huh? Got to love the guys over at Foxsports1- a channel not just good for watching Randy Moss get corrected on-air by his producer, but for their quality guests and their entertaining stories.

Gary Payton’s dropped a doozy on us.blame-gary-payton

Apparently, Allen Iverson asked Payton how he was able to stay healthy.  Payton told him it was because his coach never made him practice, and apparently, Allen took that to heart.  This story was confirmed by sources who say Larry Brown mockingly blamed the Iverson practice-rant on Payton.

Payton said that when he heard Iverson’s instant, sound-bite classic, he went, ” Oh no not this! Don’t say it like that! Don’t say it like that Allen!”

Check out a cool look back from the guys and gals over at CSN, and thank you to Allen Iverson for continuing to make covering the 76ers so enjoyable.