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Carli Lloyd on playing Germany in Hartford


The US Women’s National Team will face Germany for the second time with in a week Tuesday at 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports Network . The match will be played in Hartford at the University of Connecticut’s Rentschler Field. The stadium holds 40,000 and it is sure to have a large crowd as the gold medal team continues their ‘Victory Tour’. I had a chance Monday to speak with Carli Lloyd, who scored both goals for the USA in their 2-1 win over Japan in the gold medal game during the Olympics.

Charlie Flowe: How do approach a game with a team you just faced a few days ago?
Carli Lloyd: The approach is the same. My approach to prepping for a game never changes no matter who the opposition is. Get up, eat breakfast, light jog and stretch and full focus on what I will be doing in the game. I have mentally prepared a few days before the game so game day is stretching, hydrating and continue to focus on working hard and keep possession.
Charlie Flowe: Germany is a very tough side how does their play compare that of other European nations?

Carli Lloyd: Germany is very organized. They condense the field a lot and clog the middle. They are strong and like to combine with one another and serve balls in from the flank.

Charlie Flowe: Since you were a Big East player at Rutgers, what’s it like playing here at UCONN?

Carli Lloyd: I thought the Big East conference was such a strong conference when I played. It has changed a lot now but enjoy seeing it grow. I am looking forward to playing at UCONN in front of a great crowd!

Location:Rentschler Field; East Hartford, Conn.
Match: U.S. Women’s National Team – Germany
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. ET